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How to Date and Identify an Antique Desk - Part 1

09 July 2018

Throughout history, there has been a vast variety of antique writing desks, all different in their appearance, use and placement in a room. Many of these elements have lasted the test of time, including their features and use which has remained constant throughout the years and even to this day. The practicality of this particular piece of furniture has ensured...

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Finding The Right Style Of Antique For You

03 July 2018

There are a number of different styles of antique furniture, each with their own unique selling points. Knowing which style has which features may be the difference between finding a real antique and a replica. Replicas can either be reproduced at a high quality; which can be difficult to spot, or machine made. When they are machine made, they...

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Regency Furniture Fit For The Prince Regent

25 June 2018

The nomenclature of Regency denotes the period of decorative arts in England dating from 1800 to 1830. The period collides with the French Empire style, which is evident in the Regency appropriation of the French taste in certain areas. The term Regency style is typified by elegant furniture. There were momentous changes in the character that Regency furniture embraced, amounting...

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How to look after Gold and Ormolu

11 June 2018

When you invest in stunning ormolu tazzas, an ormolu mantle clock or any other item containing gold you want to make sure it always looks its best, so how do you do that? Here are some top tips to ensure your items are kept looking as magnificent as possible. What is Ormolu? Ormolu is a coating which is used to imitate or...

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Time & Tide Waits For No Man

29 May 2018

French antique clocks in the Empire style possess the dual function of being timepieces, but also bronze sculptural works of art in themselves. It is particularly evident in the models incorporated in these clocks, that they bear characteristics of fine art. These timepieces were chiefly made for libraries, salons and for boudoirs because of...

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How Does A Leopard Gets Its Spots?

22 May 2018

A name is used for identification and can tell us a great deal of information about the object it is assigned to; its use or perhaps the time period it belongs to. You may know what piece of furniture a name is referring to, but perhaps do ...

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